Why You Need FACCS

  • You will receive college financial aid packages with terms that you might not understand and with phrases that are misleading. For example, a line item may seem like financial aid, when in actuality, it is a loan that you will be responsible for.
  • Financial aid packages don’t break out the cash outlay that you will be responsible for. “Award Total” includes grants, scholarships and your obligations in loans and cash.
  • Because the cost of each college is different, it will be difficult to determine which financial aid package is best for you and your child.
  • You may spend hours trying to decipher the information yourself or on the phone with the colleges.

FACCS will show you exactly what aid is being given in grants, scholarships, loans, etc… It will compare the costs and aid among colleges, so you can see exactly what your cash outlay will be.

Save time, effort and frustration determining the best package for you and your child.

You are making a substantial investment in your child’s future. Make sure that you are selecting the best financial aid package for you and your college student. FACCS is only about the cost of one college application.

FACCS would be a big help to me! SIGN ME UP