How FACCS Came About

The founders of FACCS are parents and family members of college students who have gone through the college financial aid process. We discovered how difficult it is to understand financial aid packages that colleges provide. We developed FACCS based on our experience in order to present the information in a way that is easy to understand and compare.

Deborah Kaspar – 22 years’ experience in finance. My child began attending college in the fall of 2017. When we were going through the process, I had to call several colleges to go over my son’s financial aid packages to decipher the information. I said to myself “There has to be an easier way.” I was determined to find a way to see all my son’s financial aid packages in a well-organized manner.

Lawrence Williams – 25 years’ experience in the computer/electronics industry. I have a son attending college this fall. I remember receiving the financial aid packages and trying to determine what was best financially for me and my son. After many hours of deliberating and calculating, we made our decision. This workbook we developed has helped me compare my son’s financial aid packages.

Catherine Mooney – Purchasing agent with 23 years’ experience, who has assisted both her niece & nephew through the understanding of their financial aid packages. I sat at the kitchen table with pencils, erasers, white out, and went through reams of paper, finally figuring out the best financial package. Between the amount of information presented, and the time spent to decipher it all, along with trying to figure out the terminology and numbers was stressful. It took a lot of effort to choose the financial aid package that was needed. No one should have to go through that.

We worked together to develop a tool that really does make this ordeal user friendly and less stressful for everyone. In the process, we tried this concept out with numerous friends and family members. Everyone loved how it turned complex financial aid packages into something very easy to understand. This tool will help both parents and students understand both of their costs with or without the use of loans and compare them to make the best decision possible.

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