How It Works


Using FACCS – The Process is a workbook that calculates the net cost of attendance at undergraduate degree programs. The student/parent enters the financial information received from each college or university and receives a report that compares the costs and financial aid across schools.

Set up an account. The process begins with the student or parent creating an account on, with a log-in & password.

Enter data. By selecting “Click Here” the student/parent uploads each school’s financial aid package. Each package must be submitted one at a time. Typically, the financial aid packages are sent out from colleges for the fall semester, between November and April (6 months), depending when the students apply.

View report. You will be notified when the information is ready to be viewed in FACCS. To view it, just log into your FACCS account. At any time, you can view the comparison between schools simply by logging into your account.

Financial Aid Calculation Sample

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