“I found this spreadsheet to be extremely helpful to me as I was helping my son decide what school was most affordable for our family and what school would be a good fit for him. I was lucky to have received this information at the right time. I found the website is user friendly and easy to follow . This website allows you to see the bottom line out of pocket expenses for each school in a well-organized manner. I would highly recommend and direct all my friends to this amazing, helpful website.”
– Leslie M.

“I had the opportunity to utilize this service and I found it to be very beneficial in helping make my decision in my daughter’s college choice. My daughter was offered scholarships/grants packages from several schools and the spreadsheet helped when I saw these numbers subtracted from the total cost. Overall this is a great tool and I would highly recommend everyone to use it during college decision time.”
– Lisa S.

“When my son started receiving his financial aid packages I was so confused and beside myself. I turned to the internet for help. That is when I found FACCS.net. I was hesitant about spending money for a service like this, but it was the best thing I ever did, they were wonderful. I was so happy with their service that I started telling all my friends and family about it. Thank you members of FACCS.net for all your help.”
– Steve M.

I sure wish this service was available when my son went to college a few years ago. Thankfully, I was able to utilize it this time around for my daughter and I was able to see just where we stood and what was available to her… I highly recommend this tool for all parents – it made life so much
easier. Thanks to the creators of FACCS!
– Christine F.